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10x more content for your blog page

Boost your SEO with content that is relevant to your business. Easy publish to your existing CMS such as Webflow.

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Here how it works

Create your AI writer

Create your AI writer

AI writer that is responsible for writing blog for you. Craft your best prompt for the best result.

Choose blogs destination

Choose blogs destination

Authenticate your Webflow for publishing or send blogs via Webhooks on Zapier, Make, or custom backend.

Provide keywords

Provide keywords

Give your AI writer a list of keywords to target for your blog posts.

Blog topics

Blog topics

AI writer suggests a list of topis. You can add your own.

Track AI writer status

Track AI writer status

See which topics AI writer is currently working, completed, or required your review.

Review and publish

Review and publish

If a blog post requires a human review, you will need to manually click the publish button. Blog post will go to the selected destination.

Pay once, use forever

Get started and automate your blog content today.

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What AI model is this powered by?

Blogmatic is now powered by GPT-4. There will be more LLMs available for better content writing.

Does Blogmatic host blog?

No, Blogmatic is not a blogging platform. We do not host your blog. You will need a supported CMS.

What CMS does Blogmatic currently support?

Blogmatic supports Webflow CMS right now. However, you also send blog posts to anywhere on the internet via Webhooks. You can easily integrate with Zapier or Make.

Can I train my own data for content writing?

Training data is currently unavailable. This is the feature we are still working on. You will be able to train AI with your custom knowledge.

How good is the quality?

The quality of content depends on how you craft the prompt. AI will get better as you go. You can edit and make changes directly on Blogmatic before blog posts get published.

Can I request features?

Yes, absolutely. We love to solve your problems. You can email us at [email protected]